Why It’s Time To Start Using A Professional Moving Company Instead Of Your Friends To Move

It’s possible that you moved a number of times and relied on friends to help you move. While this works once or twice, it’s important to know when it’s time to use professional movers. You may feel like you can’t afford a moving company or that you have enough help lined up for moving day. The good news is that hiring movers is less expensive than you think, and you can rest assured that you will have plenty of moving help on the day you have to leave your residence for a new one. You can’t continually rely on friends to help you move. You Will Be Insured Against Breakage While the second hand furniture you probably owned when you were fresh out of college could withstand some damage, your current furniture is probably more valuable. When a bunch of friends help you move, you aren’t insured if something gets broken. When you hire a professional moving company, your household goods will be protected. Your property is less likely to be broken by professionals, and if it is ruined, you Continue Reading →

Three Reasons Friends Might Not Be The Best Option On Moving Day

Friends are supposed to be there to help in times of need. Calling your friends to help you out on moving day seems like a great deal, right? The answer isn’t exactly yes. Even if you have strong, dependable friends, this doesn’t mean that they are going to be your best bet on moving day. Here are just some of the reasons you might not want to rely on your friends. Costly Damage Moving isn’t just about packing up a few boxes and loading them on a truck. Moving actually takes a great deal of skill. In terms of loading a truck, if you don’t properly distribute the weight, (such as placing your heaviest objects on the truck last) when you make a hard stop all these weighted items could come crashing towards the lighter items and cause damage. Additionally, when moving large furniture out or into a home, you have to be mindful of placement so that you don’t damage any walls or floors. Remember, any damage caused by your friends will still be your financial responsibility. Schedule Issue Continue Reading →

Four Reasons To Avoid The Classifieds And Go With A Professional Mover

If you’re going to be moving soon, you may have noticed that local and online classifieds are filled with ads for moving services. Many of these moving services are run by college students or just as a hobby for those who own a truck — and they can be much less expensive than dealing with a professional mover. But despite the cost savings, using a non-professional moving service can be incredibly dangerous. 1. No Background Checks When you’re moving, you’re vulnerable. Not only does the mover know that you’re in a time of transition — when your items may be one place, but you may be living at another — but the movers gain access to your home and know when you’re out. Professional companies perform rigorous background checks to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. The same is not true for unofficial or single man moving crews. 2. No Insurance Professional companies spend a great deal of money on insurance. Accidents happen; the moving truck that is moving your items could get into an accident or something important could Continue Reading →