4 Types Of Moving Storage Solutions Offered By Moving Companies

Whether you are moving your home or office, it is essential to prepare for the process adequately. One of the things you must do is prepare early enough to avoid inconveniences that come with the moving process. That means planning days before the moving day to avoid last-minute scrambles. The other crucial thing you need is to find local movers to help with the moving process.

These experts can pack everything and load them onto the vehicle. Then, once you reach your destination, they will offload and unpack everything for you. But what if your new home is too small? Well, there are various moving storage options your moving company can offer. Below is an overview of some of the moving storage available.

1. Self Storage Unit

This is the most common moving storage you can get from most movers. Not only are they secure, but they are also flexible and reliable. Also, you do not have to worry about your stuff getting damaged by fire or water. Therefore, you can even store your documents therein when moving. In addition, many people prefer storage units because they are more affordable than other storage options. Therefore, you can leave your items there when moving houses until you know what to do with them.

2. Storage Pod

The other option you have is a storage pod. Unlike storage units, a storage pod helps save time since the container you store your items also moves your belongings. The only downside is they are smaller, thus not ideal for people with loads of extra stuff. However, they are commonly used for smaller dwellings, studio apartments, or college student moving and storage needs.

3. Concierge Storage Container

Concierge storage is different. Contrary to the two mentioned above, this moving storage can be described as full-service storage. Therefore, you do not have to stress packing or storing your belongings. Instead, the local movers will be the ones doing that job. They can even deliver your items to your doorstep. Additionally, they are ideal for storing valuable items such as high-end clothes or wine bottles before settling in your new house.

4. Crate Storage

Before wooden crate storage, people used plastic ones to move because of their insanely low costs availability. However, they were later replaced by wooden crates, which are more durable and safer. Additionally, they are moisture-regulated, thus protecting your items from water damage.

If you don't have enough space in your new home, you should not panic. Moving companies provide viable solutions to your problem. So, contact your local moving company and ask them about moving storage solutions available.

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