A Long-Distance Move: How Long Will It Take Your Moving Truck To Arrive?

What's the most important question to ask yourself about your upcoming move to a new state? Maybe the most pressing concern will be how long it's going to realistically take to get from your old home to your new home. Should you fly there? If you drive, will you need to stop somewhere overnight? And of course—how long will it take your moving company to get there? 

Basic Pricing Structure

You'll get plenty of interstate moving help from your chosen moving company, but choosing the best company for the required distance can give you more leeway with the journey from point A to point B. The basic pricing structure for moving varies, but it can be based upon the cubic volume of your accumulated goods (determining the size of the moving truck and how much fuel it will burn); the distance that must be traveled; and ease of access at both points (how accessible both properties are influences how much time will be needed to load and unload the truck).

The Amount of Time

Those are the basic factors of the pricing structure for a moving company, but interstate moves are different due to the amount of time that must be allocated for the journey. There are a number of ways in which a moving company can work out a journey plan. 

Scheduled Direct Route

Moving may take place in one direction on set days of the week, using a scheduled direct route relocation. The moving company may load their vehicles on specified days of the week, with arrival in the new city one or two days later, depending on precise distance, with overnight stays worked into the schedule. The price of any required overnight accommodation should be worked into the overall price. 

Express Option

Larger moving companies may transit through their own depots en route. The driver and other moving crew may be dropped off here, with a new driver and crew then taking over. This allows for a continuous journey, and is the express option for interstate moves.

At Your New Home

You must coordinate your arrival with the moving truck's anticipated arrival, which can be scheduled with accuracy. The important thing is to make sure that you (or another nominated person) are there to meet the moving truck upon arrival so that unloading can promptly begin.

A good moving company will have gotten interstate moves down to a fine art, regardless of the distance involved.

If you are in need of interstate moving help, contact a company near you.

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