Packing Like A Minimalist For Your Transition To A Simpler Life

Perhaps you have joined the growing number of people in this country that have decided that being overwhelmed with stuff is no way to live a fulfilling life. Maybe you are transitioning to a smaller place and intend to downsize your belongings to give yourself a fresh start. If that happens to be the case for you and you have dreams of becoming a minimalist, your residential moving process may look a bit different than most. Take a look at a few good tips you may want to implement as you attempt to pack like a true minimalist as you make your way to a smaller place with less stuff to pack along. 

1. Start Early 

Schedule your residential movers, and then get started on your scaling-down process. It can take an enormous amount of time to sort through excess belongings, decide what you really need, and then make arrangements to eradicate the rest. 

2. Eliminate Multiples

Fifteen coffee mugs, two dozen bath towels, three pairs of the same type and style of shoe require a lot of space. Focus on scaling down your collections of items that all serve the same function or purpose. 

3. Keep What Brings You Joy 

The idea may sound cliche, but the meaning holds true just the same. Take a few days to walk through your current home, pick out items like decor pieces, certain articles of clothing, and pieces that clutter your bathroom. Before dropping these items in the box for the move, consider: Does this item bring your life some kind of joy, value, or ease? If not, the item may be just another piece of clutter taking up space in your life. 

4. Skip the Paperwork 

The world has gone digital, so paper documents are a bit of a rarity. With a good scanner, you can translate everything from cutout recipes and coloring book pages to tax documents into digital files. Not only are digital files going to free up space, but they can also be much safer during your move when they are safely housed on a flash drive, hard drive, or memory card. 

5. Think Small with Furniture 

The oversized recliner may be comfy, but does anyone in the house need a chair so large? Maybe you have a king-sized bed when you're the only person sleeping in it. All of these are examples of how large furniture pieces can be a waste of space. As a minimalist, not only will you be examining items that are of no value to keep but also items that require more space than is logical. Not to mention, your residential move can be much more affordable when you have fewer large furniture pieces to transition. 

Reach out to a residential moving company for help with the move. 

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