Storing Things During A Remodel

When you are remodeling your home, there are a lot of reasons why you can benefit from an off-site location to keep some of your belongings. Below, you can learn about ways a storage unit can make home life a bit easier during the remodel and learn some valuable tips to use when putting your stuff into storage.

You won't have your things damaged

If you need a place to put your belongings during a remodel, you may think of putting them in the yard since you might only need a place for them for a short period of time. However, even if you cover your things with a tarp to protect them from water, wind, and dirt, they can still be damaged by things like pests and larger animals. Your things can also be stolen or vandalized when you leave them outside. Storing everything in a storage unit is going to be the best way to protect them from all the elements, to prevent pests of all sizes from getting to them, and to protect them from people.

You won't have things in your way

When you have to move your belongings around during a remodel, they are likely going to be put where they are in someone's way. You may end up needing to move them around from one area to another, and to yet another, in order to stay one step ahead of the work crew during the remodel. Or you might end up needing to put them into bedrooms or other living areas that will make those areas become inaccessible in ways that cause problems for those in the household.

You want to pack the storage unit correctly

When you are putting your things into the storage unit during your home's remodel, think through where you are putting everything. By packing the storage unit in a well-thought-out manner, you can make things a lot easier.

When putting things into the unit, you are going to want to put the items in first that have come out of the part of the home that is going to be completed last and work your way outward from there. This way, the first items in the storage unit that you have access to will be the ones that you will be needing to put back in place first as the remodel is being completed.

You may want to take pictures

If there are some items that will be put in storage that are going to be included in the final thoughts of the remodel aspects when it comes down to things like selecting rugs or pictures, then you may want to take pictures of them so you know the exact shades and patterns that you are going to be working with.

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