Tips For Packing And Moving Valuables

Packing up and moving a home can be a big undertaking. The entire process can be even more complicated if you have a lot of valuables that need to be moved, such as artwork, heirlooms, expensive electronics, and jewelry. One of the keys to successfully packing and moving your valuables is to be prepared and have a plan. Taking the time to make a plan will help ensure that everything that you value makes it from your old home to your new home. If you will be moving valuables soon, use the following tips.

Compile a List

Before you even start packing your valuables, it is in your best interest to create a list so that you have an accurate inventory of all of the valuables that you own. This will make it easier to figure out exactly how you are going to pack up each item. Having a list will also allow you to determine if all of your valuables are accounted for when you arrive at your new home and begin unpacking. 

Consider Purchasing Insurance

Depending on how much your valuables are worth, you may want to consider purchasing an insurance policy. Before you buy an insurance policy, check with your moving company and homeowners insurance company to find out what type of insurance coverage they may provide. If you opt to buy a separate insurance policy for further protection, take photographs of each one of your valuables to make the claim process easier in the event that one of your valuables is damaged or lost during the move.

Gather the Right Packing Supplies

When you're dealing with valuables, it is very important to have the proper packing supplies on hand. It is a good thing to use brand new boxes when packing valuables, preferably boxes made of corrugated cardboard, since they tend to be stronger than normal cardboard boxes. You will also need ample amounts of packing paper and bubble wrap; it is better to have more bubble wrap and packing paper than you think you need when it comes to packing something of value.

Pack Carefully

Packing up a whole house can be tedious, and it is not uncommon to get to the point of just wanting to throw things in boxes. But packing valuables takes time and patience. Make sure that all of your valuables are wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap, and use a lot of packing paper to create a cushion inside the box while your items are being moved.  

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