3 Top Tips For A De-Cluttered Home

Are you tired of the clutter that is in and around your home? Do you want to get rid of the clutter but you're not sure exactly where to start? Getting organized can feel extremely complicated at times. As much as you might want to get rid of all of the extraneous items in your home, this can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, having a home that feels bigger due to the lack of stuff cluttering everything isn't something that has to be difficult. Following a few simple steps can help to declutter your home in practically no time at all. A few tips that you may find useful include:

Start with the easiest room: You might think that starting with the most cluttered room would make the most sense. After all, once that room is done then your project may be about halfway completed. While it's a good idea to not leave the worst for last, neither should it be first. Trying to tackle a severely cluttered room right off the bat could lead to discouragement and abandonment of the whole thing. Instead, start with a relatively simple room or two in order to get the boost of satisfaction that can be essential to tackling the more difficult rooms.

Get a storage unit: Storage units are great places to keep your seasonal belongings, especially if you have relatively small amounts of built-in storage space in your house or apartment. Fortunately, storage units also come in many different sizes, even within the same storage facility. The very smallest storage units should be good for storing the average household's holiday decorations, while you can rent a larger unit in order to store furniture and other bulky items. If you're not sure which size unit you need, the staff at the storage facility should be able to answer your questions and make suggestions to help you choose the right one.

Donate items: One of the hardest parts of decluttering your home can be knowing that a certain thing is going to wind up at the dump forever. Even if you use one of the local storage units for your stuff, this may only be postponing the inevitable. Fortunately, there are more choices than simply throwing an item out or storing it indefinitely. Instead of either choice, consider taking the item or items in question to your local thrift store. Once there, the item will be purchased by someone who will actually use it instead of simply keeping it around the house and doing nothing with it.

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