3 Important Things To Do Before A Long Distance Move

Are you getting ready to move to another state? Are you trying to figure out what all you'll need for your relocation? While moving across the city is fundamentally quite similar to moving to another state, the actual needs can be very different. In order to make sure that your move is a success, here are some tips that you should follow:

Arrange for a storage unit

When you're just moving across the city, you can easily go check to make sure that your new house or apartment is vacant and ready to move into. Unfortunately, unexpected delays can crop up during a long distance move. You might arrive only to find out that the previous occupants just left and the carpet needs to be replaced or there is a plumbing issue that needs to be remedied. If you don't have somewhere to put your belongings while waiting for your new home to be ready, finding storage right then and there could be expensive and a hassle. Sometimes, long distance moving companies will include a few days of storage as part of the moving package but this is something that you'll need to confirm before you rely on it.

Pack important papers separate

Documents such as birth certificates, immunization records, passports, or anything else should be packed separately and travel with you instead of with your other belongings. Although long distance moving companies will do their best to ensure that everything is delivered to you promptly and on time, delays can still happen. A flood could take out one of the bridges along the way, forcing the truck driver to detour along a longer route. Or, even if everything is delivered promptly, delays in having your new home ready could mean that your important documents get trapped in storage while you wait. Since you probably don't want to have to dig through an entire house worth of stuff to be able to find your paperwork, having it with you at all times is essential.

Take pictures of your furniture and breakables:

While long distance moving companies do their best to keep your belongings safe and secure, accidents do happen. For instance, a drunk driver could turn and hit the side of the moving truck, destroying some of your stuff in the process. Having pictures from just before the move will help any insurance companies figure out exactly what was damaged or destroyed and how much to compensate you.

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