Three Reasons Friends Might Not Be The Best Option On Moving Day

Friends are supposed to be there to help in times of need. Calling your friends to help you out on moving day seems like a great deal, right? The answer isn't exactly yes. Even if you have strong, dependable friends, this doesn't mean that they are going to be your best bet on moving day. Here are just some of the reasons you might not want to rely on your friends.

Costly Damage

Moving isn't just about packing up a few boxes and loading them on a truck. Moving actually takes a great deal of skill. In terms of loading a truck, if you don't properly distribute the weight, (such as placing your heaviest objects on the truck last) when you make a hard stop all these weighted items could come crashing towards the lighter items and cause damage.

Additionally, when moving large furniture out or into a home, you have to be mindful of placement so that you don't damage any walls or floors. Remember, any damage caused by your friends will still be your financial responsibility.

Schedule Issue

When the average person moves, it's not a leisurely activity. They are often on a time limit to be out of their current home in a certain amount of time or some other factor. Doing someone a favor is a lot different from going to work.

With a moving company, you are working with a group of professionals that will arrive on time and work based on your scheduling needs. With your friends, the same isn't always true. Your friends could very easily show up late and even leave early, putting you in a stressful time crunch.

Feeling Indebted

Although just about every etiquette book will state that you should never expect a favor for a favor, in the real world, people want payback. Even if your friend doesn't explicitly say they need you to do something for them as payment for them helping you move, if you're like the average person, you will probably feel obligated.

The problem is not returning favor, but returning the favor on someone else's terms. Your friend might ask you for help at the most inconvenient time and your feeling of indebtedness will likely cause you to oblige. When you hire professional movers, you won't owe anyone anything.

When it comes to moving, it's best to put this job in the hands of a professional. While your friends are great people, they might not be the best team on moving day. Don't overlook the expertise and skill a local professional mover like Big Sam Moving & Storage can offer you.

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