Four Reasons To Avoid The Classifieds And Go With A Professional Mover

If you're going to be moving soon, you may have noticed that local and online classifieds are filled with ads for moving services. Many of these moving services are run by college students or just as a hobby for those who own a truck -- and they can be much less expensive than dealing with a professional mover. But despite the cost savings, using a non-professional moving service can be incredibly dangerous.

1. No Background Checks

When you're moving, you're vulnerable. Not only does the mover know that you're in a time of transition -- when your items may be one place, but you may be living at another -- but the movers gain access to your home and know when you're out. Professional companies perform rigorous background checks to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. The same is not true for unofficial or single man moving crews.

2. No Insurance

Professional companies spend a great deal of money on insurance. Accidents happen; the moving truck that is moving your items could get into an accident or something important could be broken when loading and unloading. If you're not working with a professional mover, it may be very difficult for you to get compensation for your property. A professional mover, on the other hand, will be able to reimburse you and submit an insurance claim.

3. No Employees

One man trucks usually don't have employees -- and that means that you're usually going to have to do a lot of the heavy lifting on your own. While a professional moving company will always come with as many men as it takes to complete the job quickly, working with a singe man crew is likely to take up a significant amount of your day. 

4. No Training

Professional moving companies put their employees through training so they know the best way to lift, carry, and put down your items. This isn't just for the safety of the mover -- it's also for the safety of your possessions. Your possessions are more likely to get damaged if you use a non-professional mover, because they may not know how to properly protect your things.

A professional moving service, such as Modern Movers, Inc., may not be as expensive as you think it will be. Often, you can save money by boxing your own items or transporting the more fragile items yourself. It's best to get a quote from a professional service before you begin considering alternatives.

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